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Nutritionist v/s dietician – Who is better?

Although dieticians and nutritionists are thought to be same, they are absolutely not. A dietician is the one that helps you lose weight and on the other hand, a nutritionist is the one who makes you reach your target weight or achieve your goals (with respect to your appearance) by subtracting and adding nutritional values to your body.

There was a time when I weighed more than 180lbs. I continued being fat for around five years and then one day, I decided it was time for me to get into shape. I tried finding a lot of dieticians, but in the end, I found one of the most excellent nutritionists for myself. She helped me lost 40lbs in a period of ten months. The best thing was – I got into shape in the most natural and beautiful way.


I don’t know what others have to say about the comparison between a nutritionist and a dietician, but personally, I feel that a nutritionist is much better. Why? Following are some of the reasons, from my personal experiences, which I can share with you:

  • A dietician understands your body in the most beautiful manner. He knows what your body wants and what needs to be cut down, to help you get into shape.
  • A few friends of mine began losing hair and got a lot of stretch marks due to dieting. However, I never got into such problems even after losing 40lbs, thanks to my nutritionist.
  • A nutritionist can make you lose and gain weight, stop the hair loss problems, make your skin glow, get rid of acnes, improve your digestive system, etc. in the most natural and efficient ways. A dietician can either make you gain or lose weight.
  • A nutritionist gives you tips so that you maintain your achievements.

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