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How do emotions affect your health and well-being?

It is indeed true that your emotions affect your health and your body, overall. There are a lot of things that prove this statement. For an instance, when you are in love, you are in a new kind of an emotion altogether, due to which your skin begins to glow; this is one of the reasons why people find your appearance changed and guess that you are in love with someone.

Similarly, when you are stressed, your body either asks for a lot of food (and you end up eating junk) or no food at all; this makes you either gain or lose a lot of weight. Besides, all the stress is visible on the face.

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Following are some of the ways in which emotions affect your health as well as well-being:

  • There are hundreds of minor to moderate to major illnesses, which are caused by your inner emotions. If you are sad, your immunity level decreases somehow and you tend to fall ill, often.
  • Sadness, one of the most commonly felt emotions, often leads to depression. There are many people out there that go through depression after their ‘bad break-up incidents.
  • Talking of external health and appearance, you observe a difference in your skin if you are constantly stressed or sad in life.
  • A lot of women undergo hair-loss problems, if they go through constant and severe sadness in life.
  • Happiness keeps you motivated in life – motivated to exercise and lose weight to stay healthy, motivated to work and do all the stuff to keep yourself happy and motivated to live a healthy and better life.

Emotions play an important part in every individual’s life. It is always good to tame emotions and make them work the way you want to, before they begin controlling you!

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